Visual Identity - UI Design -Graphic Design



Designer: Hector Henrique

Kudos is a daily personal training service that drives the best possible results at an affordable price.


Clients tell their dedicated coach about their fitness dreams, lifestyle, and preferences. The coach uses our artificially intelligent system to curate an ultra-personalized exercise, nutrition, and wellness program, which improves over time as we learn more about the client, incorporating the latest in scientific research and machine learning.


Coaches check in daily via SMS to provide step by step workouts in our app, nutrition plans, and accountability. They are committed to making each client successful and are available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot problems. Kudos is phenomenally successful, with the average client losing 14 pounds in the first 3 months and dropping 90 seconds on their mile run time.

For the process of creating Kudos visual identity, a symbol was developed based on the letter K with inclination and base junction, bringing speed and modernity.


The option of using two colors in the symbol, brings the diversity in training that the application provides, thus highlighting the brand of its competitors.


Typography, on the other hand, had slight changes and a standard inclination to maintain harmony with the symbol. But with the typography it can be applied separately without problems, because it has a beautiful reading.

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